How much does a Native Mobile App costs?

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Posted by Enrico on Apr 05, 2017 3225

From the study of a new application specification to the completion of the application development, the prices are usually as follows:

  1. The requirements analysis and approximate cost structure definition can vary from $2K to $5K.
  2. A working prototype would generally cost from $10K to $20K.
  3. The cost of a complete app can vary between $30K and $2M.

Some of the factors affecting the final application cost are:

  • Has the back end already been developed? Mobile apps are, by definition, only a visualization of some data. If the back end is already implemented, the cost of the app can drastically decrease.
  • Type of data structure: How many pieces of information need to be stored? How are they linked to one another? Etc.
  • Does the application need a lot of third-party component integration? For example, Facebook login, Paypal checkout, etc.
  • How much storage is needed for the application to work properly?
  • Do we need a basic design or is a high-engaging design required?
  • How much bandwidth will be required? Etc.

How long does it take to develop a mobile app?

Based on my personal experience, it takes from 4 to 30 weeks to build version 1.0 of a mobile app, depending on its complexity. The main steps involved in developing mobile apps are:

  • Data storage
    This is the backbone of a mobile app (also called the back end).
  • Caching
    Storing data locally speeds up load time.
  • Synchronization
    This enables offline usage.
  • Wireframing
    This is the blueprint for user interface and experience.
  • UI design
    Pixel-perfect mock-up of the user interface.
  • UI development
    Translating mock-ups into functioning user-interface code.
  • UI polishing
    The differentiation ‘last mile’, where an application truly shines.
  • User management
    Creating user accounts, managing authentication, security and access control.
  • Server-side logic
    Customizing the user experience.
  • Data integration
    Allowing users to access information from and publish data to third-party sources, including social networks.
  • Push
    Maintaining continuous engagement with users.
  • Versioning
    Making version 2.0 live without breaking version 1.0.

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