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Posted by Enrico on Apr 05, 2017 5525

First, what is the difference between augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality? Here it is:

  • Augmented reality
    We talk of augmented reality (AR) when a view of the real world is augmented by some kind of computer-generated input, such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. In practice, AR creates digital artifacts within the physical world. The main devices here are the displays and glasses on which the augmented information is shown.

    Some examples are:
    • Key instrumentation information
      Think of the instruments used by airline pilots as augmented reality.
    • Marker based
      Think of three-dimensional information shown in specific locations.
    • Location based
      The Pokémon GO game is the most successful augmented reality application so far.
  • Mixed reality
    In mixed reality, real and digital artifacts with physical properties coexist and interact. This means that not only are you able to see a set of virtual objects, but you are also able to interact with them.

    The main devices here are the Microsoft HoloLens and the Meta tethered goggles.
  • Virtual reality
    In virtual reality, you can merge and interact with a fully virtual world. Think of yourself exploring a remote castle and interacting with the objects in it from your living room.

    The main devices for VR are the Google Cardboard, the Samsung Gear VR-powered by Oculus, and the Google Daydream goggles.

AR/VR agencies in Australia

Opaque, Humense, Diesel Immersive, Devika, Red Cartel, Zero Latency, StartVR, ImpactMultimedia, Plattar, Auggd, Devika, Novus Res, and Panedia

AR/VR training companies in Australia

AcademyX, VR Corner, Devika Learning, CoderFactory, the University of South Australia, and Vice-Versa Reality

Corporates developing solutions in Australia

3M, Westpac, Westfield, Quantas, Telstra, the BlackDog Institute, Sydney Airport, the Coles Group, MLA (Meat & Livestock Australia), and CBRE

Multinational vendors with Australian investments

Vive, Microsoft, Meta, Google, NVidia, IntelRealSense, Samsung, and Vuforia

AR/VR worldwide



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