Hi, I'm Enrico Tam :)

After trying to become a professional tennis player, I somehow got entangled in a PhD in engineering, an MBA programme and a big consulting firm before being drawn into the startup world.

I recovered well :) I'm now doing what I like the most: intense tennis training while bootstrapping startup projects with the aim of improving people's lives. Ah yes, I almost forgot - I write to learn and to share my adventures :)

Don't hesitate to contact me on twitter!

How to evaluate a business idea

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Jul 23, 2016) 2655

It is estimated that 75% of all startup fail and only a few of the remaining 25% gets a successful exit. Either as an investor or as co... (continued)

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Will Artificial Intelligence kill humanity?

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Jul 23, 2016) 2765

Artificial intelligence (AI) certainly has the power to disrupt the world we know. Many people think that it will grow so powerful that... (continued)

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What future for Bitcoin/Blockchain?

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Jul 12, 2016) 2605

First, it’s important to remember that Blockchain is the technology behind the Bitcoin crypto-currency; one could live without the othe... (continued)

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How much does it cost to run/host a website?

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Jun 18, 2016) 2320

There are a few cloud-based options: Amazon / Azure​ / Google Cloud / Heroku. A perfectly working MVP (minimum viable product) with ... (continued)

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How to approach a business idea

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Jun 17, 2016) 3515

From a definition point of view, a business idea is a concept that leads to a commodity or service that can be sold to generate profit.... (continued)

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Web applications security 101

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Jun 07, 2016) 2300

As a concept, network security can be simplified as: “allow good guys in and block the bad guys.”  Web security is different; it is muc... (continued)

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Practical tips to successfully launch and develop your business

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (May 12, 2016) 2525

Before you pursue your startup idea, remember that some of the most successful people in business have failed. Many have even failed re... (continued)

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When is Automated Testing useful?

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (May 02, 2016) 2235

Test-driven development (TDD) has many benefits and is usually worth the effort, but it comes with increased development effort (and co... (continued)

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Is offshore development a good idea?

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Apr 22, 2016) 2445

There is no definitive answer to this question. It depends on the situation, but some factors that need to be taken into account are: ... (continued)

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9 tips to choose the best co-founder

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Apr 21, 2016) 2455

First of all, if you are doing a startup and you still don’t have a co-founder, try to get one. If you can't, dont be discouraged and k... (continued)

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What payment gateway should I use?

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Apr 08, 2016) 2560

A payment gateway is an application that allows you to request payments from your customers securely. Choosing the right payment gatewa... (continued)

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Stress Relief Techniques For Startup Founders

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Feb 01, 2016) 2700

I wrote before about how stressed I felt when I started my business. Managing my stress became one of the many things I had on my To Do... (continued)

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