Hi, I'm Enrico Tam :)

After trying to become a professional tennis player, I somehow got entangled in a PhD in engineering, an MBA programme and a big consulting firm before being drawn into the startup world.

I recovered well :) I'm now doing what I like the most: intense tennis training while bootstrapping startup projects with the aim of improving people's lives. Ah yes, I almost forgot - I write to learn and to share my adventures :)

Don't hesitate to contact me on twitter!

The fourth industrial revolution?

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Jun 22, 2018) 2620

In a previous article, the history of technology, I described the first industrial revolution as the one that followed the steam engine... (continued)

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My favorite tech and marketing startup tools

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Apr 03, 2018) 4115

Over the last few months, many people have asked me what technologies and marketing tooks I use to build minimum viable products (MVPs)... (continued)

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(Re)focus on your element

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Feb 12, 2018) 2105

Although people argue that it's important to take inspiration from others' achievements for instance because you can try to imitate the... (continued)

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Problems to solve vs great ideas

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Feb 08, 2018) 5355

I've been working on building startups for some time now, and I've seen many people trying to find great ideas to work on. People go to... (continued)

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The history of technology

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Dec 07, 2017) 6005

Although most of us now take technology for granted and expect almost everything to be instantaneous, there was a time when people woul... (continued)

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Success means overcoming negative thoughts

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (May 28, 2017) 3020

In this article, I want to talk about automatic negative thoughts. Have you ever found yourself in an escalating process of negative em... (continued)

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Main strategic frameworks

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (May 27, 2017) 4520

In another article, I describe how to strategically analyze an existing company. In this article I describe the main strategic scenario... (continued)

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Analysis of an existing company

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (May 26, 2017) 3420

In a precedent article, I describe how to evaluate a business idea. In this article, I summarize the most common questions I use to qui... (continued)

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Blockchain in plain english

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (May 22, 2017) 9920

Blockchain has the potential to change the world we know. It is a disruptive technology that has been around since 2009, when Satoshi N... (continued)

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The importance of "why" over "what"

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (May 19, 2017) 3250

Why are some companies more successful than others? Why do they manage to have a large number of loyal people loving their products? Is... (continued)

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What technical stack should I pick for my web app?

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (May 18, 2017) 3965

First, website technologies are divided into front end and back end. The front end is the visible part of a web application. You can he... (continued)

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Machine Learning 101

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (May 15, 2017) 4165

While I’m certainly not an expert on machine learning, I have had to use it on several occasions to optimize some of my projects. I dec... (continued)

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Internet of Things Vs Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (May 12, 2017) 7195

The Internet of things (IoT) is about sensors embedded into devices of all kinds that are interconnected via the Internet. Often, the d... (continued)

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Are fake/unverified news the end of democracy?

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (May 02, 2017) 7955

After the 2016 Brexit Leave victory, I started thinking: how is it possible that the ‘leave’ clan won when all the posts/likes/shares t... (continued)

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Machine Learning with Ruby

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Apr 27, 2017) 5655

Who says that Ruby isn’t designed for machine learning? Well, it probably isn’t. Python, C++ and Java have their own machine learning f... (continued)

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14 tips to be a better manager

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Apr 25, 2017) 3005

In order to empower, engage, or motivate others, managers shouldn’t focus only on their KPIs. Instead, they should pay attention to oth... (continued)

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How much does a Native Mobile App costs?

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Apr 05, 2017) 3220

From the study of a new application specification to the completion of the application development, the prices are usually as follows: ... (continued)

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AR/MR/VR landscape 2017

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Apr 05, 2017) 5520

First, what is the difference between augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality? Here it is: Augmented reality We t... (continued)

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Web 3.0 - The world computer?

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Apr 04, 2017) 3740

More and more people are starting to talk about Web 3.0. But what is it exactly? It is believed to be a smarter version than the curren... (continued)

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Which deep learning algorithm to use?

Small thumb img 2844 By Enrico (Mar 29, 2017) 3225

Unsupervised networks Unsupervised learning can be used to extract patterns and features from unlabeled data. Restricted Boltz... (continued)

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